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Wednesday, February 21, 2007



“My ordeal started in the middle of April. After fellowship we were blessing a member’s car near our shop when something entered into me. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was a strange thing. The thing continued to grow and later started to sting me inside. I then started attending the Healing school. Sometime in June, I bought one of the Bishops books, The Healing Balm. I read in it where the Bishop said, “You have prayed enough; start cursing the thing,” I balanced myself and started cursing the thing, which stung me inside my body like an electric shock and flung me. Then I knew I had a battle on my hand; it was like a dragon inside me. I also went to the hospital. One of the doctors I saw told me I had to pay N250, 000 for treatment, but I couldn’t afford it. I started looking inward and used every manifold wisdom of God I knew. At one time, the Bishop laid his hand on me, but the thing wouldn’t shift. At the August Breakthrough Night, the Bishop declared the month as: My Light Has Come.’ I hung on the declaration, because it was one of the anchors I had been using to fight the dragon.

That night, as the Bishop was praying he said, ‘prove to this people that you sent me.’ I had taken the book, Force of Freedom to read. As he said that, I said, ‘Amen’, because I knew mine was a miracle that could not be delayed. I then laid my hand on my stomach, and the dragon ceased. The storm was over; I got my freedom! Today, I ‘am praising the Lord who set me free.
-Odesanya, c.

Beloved, I brought this testimony to us so that we too will have a feel of God’s awesome power in our dispensation. You too can believe Him for the seemly impossible because the Bible says Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.