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Sunday, March 04, 2007



Every day when you go to God in prayer you present to him the long list of your needs. But has it ever occurred to you that God too wants a request of you? If it easy for you to assume that God do not have a need to be met by man. That is where you got it wrong. He created the entire universe and placed you to be in charge and because he is a covenant keeping God, he cannot violate that agreement and come down to do things for himself. You are his representative and it is your duty to ensure that his will be done on earth today. Look around you, even the church of God.

There is so much decay in the land: hostilities everywhere you turn to: Ritual killings: Armed robbery: corruption: Witch craft: occultism and the question is where are the people God has put in place to represent him? The people he called the light of the world and the salt of the earth. All these vices are right inside the church of God…What a shame.

So many souls are going to hell fire not because they have not heard the gospel but because they cannot see anything in your life that should attract them to Christ.

Please take an audit of your life today look at this responsibilities God gave to you and sincerely score yourself. Drop those prayer points of yours and for once listen to what God will have him do for him. He invested so much on you and you have reason to fail him. You are God’s representative on the earth, please represent him well and he will bless you.


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