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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


life-changing SALTY CHRISTAINS Part II
“Ye are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13)

Today we shall continue from where we stopped in our previous discussion. Remember we were looking at the characteristics of a salty and savory Christian.Dont forget that we mentioned earlier that a believer is expected to live a holy life and to be outstanding in his or her community.

Thirdly, salt has seasoning, sweetening effect. The presence of adequate quantity of salt in any food makes it more palatable and delectable. Similarly, the presence of believers in the community ought to bring about peace, happiness, balance and harmony.

Fourthly, salt retains its seasoning characteristics while interacting with other ingredients. Believers must endeavor to keep themselves pure as they try to influence others (James 1:27).

Fifthly, salt prevents utter decay and corruption. The presence of believers in any society should drastically minimize corruption.
Sixthly, salt is useful only when it interacts and gets involved with other ingredients; it is useless if isolated in a bottle. The salty Christian does not snob others or closes his eyes to their plights.
Seventhly, salt transforms tasteless, insipid food into a desirable one. Believers ought to be channels of hope and encouragement to those who are hopeless and hurting.
Eighthly, salt has cleansing and healing effect on putrefying sores. Before the discovery of iodine and bacitracin, salt was used to cleanse wounds in order to facilitate quick healing. In the same way, believers presence in the world should help to facilitate speedy recovery for those who are spiritually wounded (backsliders and sinners).
Ninthly, salt penetrates and spreads good, irresistible influence on everything it touches. Similarly, salty Christians are not tribalistic or bigoted.
Besides, salt acts quietly but effectively without demanding attention. True believers demonstrate goodness without seeking to attract attention or popularity.
Finally, salt creates thirst for water. Likewise, the lifestyle of salty Christian constantly leads others to seeking the water of life.(Jesus).


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