it's all about Godly doctrine that will give our life a true meaniing for living. This eventually bring about a fulfilled life.

Saturday, October 14, 2006



A Christian is a follower of Christ who has chosen Him (Jesus) to be the lord and master of his life. Such a Christian chose to walk in obedience to the word of God; he chose to open his heart to the control and leadership of the Holy Spirit. I JOHN 2:1-6

A Christian lifestyle is entirely different from the lifestyle of the people of the world (i. e.the unbelievers) A Christian lifestyle portrays the life of Christ at all times, either in the open or in secret.

Christian (unlike Islam, traditional worship etc) is not a religion but a lifestyle. The word Christian is not an automatic title, but a name given to those who are transformed and conformed into the likeness and life pattern of Christ. It is therefore, important for us as Christians to know and understand the lifestyle of Christ, in order to be Christians indeed.


1 A Christian must live a righteous life.
2 He/She must live a holy life.
3 He/She must be humble and obedient to the word of God
4 He/She must love others.
5 He/She must be a person that can be trusted by others (i.e. he/ she must be trustworthy).


I Be ready to live the life of Christ. Jn 13:15, Mtt.11:29.
II Believe in the lord Jesus Christ. Jn 14:11.
III Crucify or mortify the flesh. Gal: 2:20.
IV Meditate on the word of God always. Joshua 1:8.
V Pray always. Luke. 18:1, I Thess. 5:17.
CONCLUSION: In conclusion, it takes determination, dedication and discipline to genuinely live the life of Christ. Anyone who says, he is a Christain should live as Christ did. Christ who suffered for us is our example to in his steps.



I read the verse over and over again. It was 2 Samuel 7:18:”Then went King David in, and sat before the lord, and he said, who am I, O Lord God? And what is my house that thou hast brought me hitherto?”. As I read, my heart was filled with unspeakable joy. I could identify with David in his wonder at the marvelous love of God. “Thank you father,” I burst out in praise. “You are faithful and loving and merciful. Surely you are the lifter up of my head.” I looked back, counting my blessings; there was so much to thank God for. Of course, there have been times of difficulties, but the lord saw me through. I recalled as I was kneeling down there, praising God, an incident in my first year in secondary school. Our math’s teacher gave the class some work to do. As he went round the class, he noticed that I was sharing a textbook with another student. “Where is your math’s textbook?” He queried.” I have not bought one yet sir”, my voice quivering. “What” he exclaimed. “You can’t study maths without a textbook.” I could only nod my head in reply. I was numb with fear and tears wear very close. Any attempt to talk would have opened the dam. How was I to get the textbook before the next math’s class? It was no use telling my parents; they didn’t have the money. My school fees had not been paid. I could hardly concentrate on school work through the rest of the day. At the sound of the bell at the time of dismissal, all my classmates ran out of the classroom joyfully, happy to be free from the day’s work. I remained in the classroom. I needed to be alone, to tell God of this problem. I was only 10 years old then but I had received Jesus Christ as my savior the previous year when I was 9. I had come to learn that my father in heaven hears and answers prayers. I put my head on my desk and, with tears running down my face, I told Him to help me. I do not know how long I was there but, suddenly, I heard the unmistakably voice of the senior prefect. “what are you doing there?” he barked.” why are you not in the dining hall?” “Oh God” I thought as I lifted up my head, “another trouble”. The tears on my face must have softened the prefect’s heart for he asked with concern, “what is the matter with you?” I had no choice but to tell him of the threats of the math’s teacher.”Oh” he said, “my younger brother still has the copy he used last year. I will give it to you. Now, run to the dining hall and have your meal.” At that moment, he looked to me like an angel sent from God. The problem was solved just like that. “Thank you senior,” I said as I dashed out of the classroom. This problem may seem like nothing, but for a ten-year-old boy, it was earth shattering. I was grateful to the for his help. For He said, “fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed: for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee: yea, I will help thee: yea: I will uphold thee with the right hand right hand of my righteousness”. (Isaiah 41:10).

Wednesday, October 11, 2006



A young man was crushed by a fast moving vehicle right in my presence. Just a few minutes before that horrifying incident, He was walking side by side with me. He had great dream about his future, His education, marriage, and family life, big cars and houses, His parent had great expectation from him. They had thought that some day at their old age he will provide for them. All those dreams and expectations came to an abrupt end that awful moment, I crossed the same road and I taught in my heart” it could have been me”.

While in school, I came in contact with a blind beggar who said he was an ex-student of one of the polytechnic in the south west. He said he went to the library one night to read all night. He eventually fell asleep, but on waking up he discovered he could no longer see and he had suddenly gone blind, and there was no medical explanation for the blindness. His parents did all they could but there was no remedy, I have slept in the library, the classroom and all manner of places outside my home and I know it could have been me.

I saw on TV two men that have spent 18 and 25 years respectively at igbobi Orthopedic Hospital, One of them had the accident in his own car on the 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos.
How they wish they could rejoin their lovely family members in the comfort of their homes, relate with their wives and children. What about the so many projects they had before the accident? The truth is that I pass the same road almost everyday.

Dear readers, what sincerely do you think when you walk pass that beautiful prostitute? that crippled woman or that blind man? What about the thousand s in the police custody? And those in the prison for offences they do not commit? How do you react to the news of those who suddenly got afflicted by sickness such as kidney, heart or liver problems costing between N5M to N20M and yet have no money to eat let alone go for such operations.

Before you conclude that none of the above can happen to you because you are born again (which indeed is our prayer for you) please…….read……. many are the affliction
Of the righteous…… “(ii) What kind of man was Job? See Job 1:1 “…… This man was blameless and upright: he feared God and shunned evil (NIV} read also Heb 11:24 &25, Romans 8:35&36 etc.

In view of the above, let us develop a heart of gratitude to God because an ingrate can never be great. Do not grumble rather give thanks to God always and it shall be well with you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


TEXT: John 15:16 John1:6 Isa 48:16

INTRODUCTION: An ambassador is a diplomatic official sent by one country as its long term representative toanother country. He is someone “sent to represent his/her country”. Sometimes when a king or a president wants to get job done in another country he sends someone to represent him.The person he sends is refered to as an Ambassador. An ambassador has a time frame in which he is expected to operate. If he does well his master call him home for a red carpet reception but if otherwise he will be recall home unceremonially.


What are the qualifications requirements for someone who is sent or to be sent for ambassadorial job? To be an ambassador worthy of honor he/she must possess the following qualification.

He/she must have knowledge of the person who sent him. Jn 10:4-5, 14-15.
He/she must know the law of her own country.
He/she must get rid of any hindrance.

Does an ambassador have a role or responsibility at all to perform in the place of his /her primary assignment? Of course there are roles or responsibilities expected of an ambassador. Some of his/her primary responsibilities are:
To represent the king who sent him. Exo 5:1-2
To deliver the message of his/her master. Mk 6:7-13,Lk10:17
To do what the king would have done himself. Matt28:19-20.
To warn the foreign country whenever they go wrong. Eze 3:17, Isa 62:6
To glorify his king. Jn 17:4.


The king is responsible for his /her maintenance. Matt 6:31-34
He/she is free to spend as much as he/she likes. Jn14:14.
The king uses the currency of the foreign country to maintain him/her.

CONCLUSION: Eph 6;18-20.

We are all ambassadors for Christ. The question is “are you performing your responsibilities”? What type of retirement benefits are you expecting? Red carpet or rejection? Matt25;21,26. What you do, and not what you say, determines what you get.

Monday, October 09, 2006



INTRODUCTION: M any Christians have big problems with their bodies. What they do not want to do is what they keep doing and what they would have loved to do they just fail to do.Rom7:19.

v How is this problem to be solved?

v How do we deal with this problem of the flesh?

There is no good thing in the flesh. All that it wants to do is sin, yet, the wages of sin is death and anyone who cooperates with the flesh will reap the fruits of corruption i.e.cuses, sorrows and problems. Rom7:18-25, Rom8:8-13, Rom6:23, Gal6:8, James1:15.

The flesh is therefore your enemy.

What must I do to deal with the flesh?

Say “no” the demands of the flesh Gal5:16.
Mortify the flesh Col 3:5-6
Keep the flesh under 1Cor9:27
Abstain from the lust of the flesh 1Peter2:11
Make no provision for the flesh to satisfy its lust Rom13:14.
Flee from dangerous zones II Tim2:22.
“Amputate” members of the body Matt.5:29,Matt. 18:8-9

CONCLUSION: “And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affection and lust.” Gal 5:24.

Sunday, October 08, 2006



What is the waiting period?

Definition: The waiting period could be referred to as the incubation period, the conception period, A time in which one wait for the fulfillment of God’s prophecy in ones life.e.g Joseph waited for thirteen years in his own case.

What are the characteristics of this period?

v Uncertainty Mathew 6:25-32
v Worry psalm 37:1and7
v Anxiousness Phi 4:6
v Discouragement John 14:1
v Weeping Psalm 30:5

What are the likely pains one go through the waiting period
I. Weeping Psalm 30:5
II. Conspiracy Gen 37:18
III. Delay Gen 37:24
IV. Diversion Gen 37:28,36
V. Temptations Gen 39:7

What are the gains of waiting?
Outrageous joy Psalm 30:5b
Fulfillment Gen 37:7-9
Honor Gen 41:39-42
Favor Gen:41:41-42
Enemies will submit Gen 43:39-42

CONCLUSION: The bible says in Isaiah 40:31 that they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like the eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. It is my prayer that we will patiently wait for the fulfillment of Gods prophecy for our lives, so as not to prematurely terminate them.